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About My Work

Cormac Faulkner is an Irish artist now based in Coventry. His work is concerned with our reaction to different spaces and how our behaviour and understanding can change when presented with new information and new ways of exploring them. He is a multi-disciplinary artist and uses sound, light and sculptural materials in his work.

Cormac Faulkner also curated the successful Other Art Festival in Coventry, A Thing About Machines between 2008 and 2009.

He has created installations that use sound and interactive technology to transform undervalued spaces into exciting and informative places to be.

His concerts are all ‘one off’ events that use electronics, acoustic instruments and occasionally visuals to explore themes and concepts.

His photography work combines digital still and negative production with much older alternative printing processes and explores ideas of light, movement and observation.

His video work utilises a creative process which he calls VideoBallad. VideoBallad is a way of actualising ideas and stories using a combination of video, imagery, voice, sound and music. He thinks of it as a way of composing and regards the final result as a song rather than a film.

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